At Lone Silo Farm our family takes pride in bringing our friends and community 100% grass fed beef, all natural pork, fresh eggs, seasonal produce, maple syrup and free range all natural chicken.

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October, November and December SALE.

    Take $50 off any quarter or half beef purchased. 

First cut square bales for sale

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About Lone Silo Farm

Matt, Amy, Mark and Jessica, along with Amy's father, Tom, make up Lone Silo Farm. We purchased our property in 2012 and started building our farm.  We started with a couple cows and chickens and have continued to build and grow.  We now have a nice beef herd of about 30 Red Devon/Angus cross cows and 30 laying hens. We also raise a few hundred meat chickens each year. We make maple syrup each seaon and grow a variety of fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruit, including tomatoes, squash, potatoes, beans, cucumbers, swiss chard, kale, spinach, lettuce, carrots, radishes and much more.  

We enjoy adding new products to our farm, we have recently started making our "Smoky Silo" smoked maple syrup as well as maple cotton candy.

We have added a farm stand and are currently open Sundays 1-4pm, allowing customers to pick up meat, eggs and fresh produce directly from the farm.

It is invaluable to us to know where our food comes from and we are proud to be able to provide our family and community with the same homegrown, all natural food we feed our family. 


33 Sodom Rd, Canaan, Connecticut | 860-453-4085