We have chosen to raise the Red Devon and RedDevon/Angus cross breed.  Both Red Devon and Angus have the natural characteristics that make it the ideal grass fed animal.


We are happy to offer delectable, locally grown, grass fed beef.  We dedicate entire animals to our ground beef utilizing all the prime cuts of meat, giving it amazing flavor while staying lean. 


All of our animals are humanely processed in a USDA inspected facility.

100% Grass Fed Beef Prices

 Ground Beef (1 & 2 lb.)                   $6.00/lb.   

Hamburger Patties (4-1/3lb burgers per pkg)   $8.00/pkg

          Stew Meat                                   $6.00/lb.   

Chuck Steaks    (2-3 lb )               $8.00/lb.

             London Broil                                   $12.00/lb.    

              Flat Iron Steaks                                   $13.00/lb.  SOLD OUT

               Flank, Hangar, Skirt Steaks                   $14.00/lb.    SOLD OUT

         Sirloin Steaks   (Bone-In)             $10.00/lb. 

        Rib Steaks                        $17.00/lb.  SOLD OUT

           Porterhouse Steaks                               $18.00/lb.   SOLD OUT

       NY Strip Steaks                                   $20.00/lb.   SOLD OUT

Beef Tenderloin Steaks (Filet Mignon)-1/4-1/2lb. steaks   $25.00/lb.  SOLD OUT

       Chuck Roast                                          $8.00/lb.     

     Eye, Bottom and Top Round Roasts                $12.00/lb. 

                          Brisket                                                           $8.00/lb.    SOLD OUT

      Short Ribs                                                    $8.00/lb.     

   Beef Shank                                                   $6.00/lb.   

Beef Liver                                                     $5.00/lb.

   Soup Bones                                                 $3.00/lb.   

*********Salami  $15  and snack sticks   $13  available***************