Our pigs are raised all natural with no hormones or antibiotics. They are humanely raised and supplement their diets with fresh produce from the gardens.

Pork Pricelist

Ground Pork                                                       $6.00/lb.

Shoulder Steaks                                                 $6.00/lb.

Ribs (Country-Style or Spareribs)                    $8.00/lb.

Sausage (Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian)     

Bulk                       $8.00/lb.

Link                       $11.00/lb.

Shoulder Roast                                                            $10.00/lb.

**Nitrate Free**

**Smoked Ham Steaks                 $7.00/lb.

**Smoked Hams                           $10.00/lb.

**Smoked Bacon or Jowl             $12.00/lb.