Smoky Silo Smoked Maple Syrup is here!!!

We've taken our delicious 100% pure all natural maple syrup and made it even better.

Smoky Silo Syrup is produced with 100% pure maple syrup. It is slow smoked in small batches using apple, cherry or mesquite wood. A cold smoke is infused with the syrup to give the it a smoky and savory twist to the classic sweet maple flavor. Can be used as any other maple syrup, but is excellent glazed or slow cooked with meat, add to your favorite BBQ, add to a cocktail or just sip for a delicious treat. Whether it's on your meat or anything else you eat, you are sure to enjoy.

Stop by and ask for a sample

If you can't make it to the farm or a Farmers Market to get your syrup, check out our online store and have it shipped direct to you.

Smoky Silo Syrup Pricing

Small Bottle  3.4 oz     $10.00

Large Bottle   8.45 oz     $20.00

Maple Syrup Pricelist

                       1.7 oz glass bottles                $4.00

   4.2 oz tin or 4 oz glass mug     $8.00

   Half Pint plastic                   $10.00

                    8.45 oz glass bottles              $12.00

                    Half Pint tins                       $12.00

                    Pint plastic                         $20.00

                    Quart Plastic                   $36.00